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An Introduction to Pharmacovigilance: A Theoretical Approach
Start Date: 02 Mar 2017
Start Time: 08:30
End Date: 02 Mar 2017
End Time: 17:00
Type: Workshop
Rank: Introductory
Venue: Karstens Conference Centre, 123 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Course highlights
The overall aim of the 1 day workshop is to enable attendees to gain an understanding of the role and function of Pharmacovigilance and how the role Pharmacovigilance has in proactively managing the safety profile of a product.

Pharmacovigilance is the science relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of the adverse effects of medicines. When Hippocrates in 500BC stated 'PRIMUM NON NOCERE' or 'First, do no harm' he could not have envisaged the central role that Pharmacovigilance would have in assisting physicians meet this cornerstone of medicine.

The ARCS Introduction to Pharmacovigilance workshop will provide delegates with an understanding of the importance of the role of Pharmacovigilance in the drug development process and life cycle of a therapeutic good.

The workshop analyses the role of Pharmacovigilance throughout the product lifecycle. It explores the legislative and corporate government requirements that are essential to this role and function. In addition, key processes for the management of adverse events are reviewed, in both the clinical trial environment and post authorisation environment. Delegates will learn how ultimately the science behind Pharmacovigilance in the safety management of a product when effectively applied can minimise risks and meet our primary directive which is to prevent harm to the patient.

 Advisory Board and Expert Consultants:

  • Stephanie Chow (Pfizer)
  • Andrew Cooper (CSL)
  • Theresa McGarry (Celgene)
  • Rodney Peters (Baxter)
  • Geraldine Peterson-Clark (Boehringer Ingelheim)
  • Sarahann Simpson (Pfizer)
  • Karen Whitelock (Novartis)
  • Sreeja Sudhakaran (Consultant)
  • Stephanie Fripp (Johnson and Johnson)

Who should attend
This course is for professionals who are new to the pharmaceutical industry and need to understand the role of pharmacovigilance within the drug development process. It is anticipated that individuals from a variety of educational areas including, drug safety, regulatory affairs, medical information, quality assurance, and clinical research will benefit from attending this workshop.

Workshop Overview

  • Pharmacovigilance (PhV) in context
  • Risk/benefit safety profile of a product and the role of PhV
  • Key processes in a PhV system
  • PhV and key legislative framework
  • Key concepts, terms and definitions used in PhV
  • Management and reporting of AEs
  • Clinical trial environment o Post Authorization
  • Role of PhV in safety management of a product

By the end of this workshop delegates will be able to....

  • Discuss what pharmacovigilance is and how the modern day industry is shaped out of the events of the past
  • Discuss why current legislation for pharmacovigilance continually evolves
  • Outline how the risk benefit profile of a product develops and changes over the entire lifecycle of a product
  • Discuss the cross functional role of pharmacovigilance interfaces with internal and external stakeholders
  • Identify key processes of a pharmacovigilance system and the role it plays in minimising harm to patients
  • State the key Australian and foreign legislative framework for pharmacovigilance that informs the basis of company standard operating procedures
  • Locate relevant guidance documents for pharmacovigilance and apply them
  • Define key concepts, terms and definitions used in pharmacovigilance
  • State how adverse events are collected, documented, assessed, processed, reported and submitted to regulators in clinical trials
  • Discuss how data collected is used to update the safety reference documents
  • Identify all potential sources of adverse events both internally and externally
  • Outline the regulatory reporting requirements for spontaneous adverse events
  • Discuss how reports link into the risk benefit profile of the product and this leads to the update of the core datasheet and local product document
  • Discuss the role of pharmacovigilance in the proactive safety management of a product

Note: This workshop will focus on pharmaceuticals. Differences in reporting for medical devices, biologicals, and vaccines will be highlighted throughout the session.


Entry criteria
This is an entry level/introductory course. There are no entry criteria for this workshop. If you have any questions on your suitability for this course, do not hesitate to call the ARCS Business Office on (02) 8905 0829.

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